Everything You Need to Know about the Indian Administrative Service

05 Oct

One of the public management cadres of the Indian government is referred to as the Indian Administrative Service.  The Indian Administrative Service officers of our key officeholders of positions in the state government, statutory, regulatory institutions such as the central bank and the union government.  The Indian Administrative Service is usually abbreviated as IAS, and before this, it was known as the Imperial Civil Service.   It is important to note that the British Raj was in charge of the Imperial Civil Service where it was one of the highest paid services in the world in the pre-World War II era.   If you want to be among the Indian Administrative Service officers, you must go through a rigorous recruitment process where you will receive examinations, and after passing, you are going to be appointed for a permanent term by the president of India. 

 Anyone who wants to become an Indian Administrative Service officer should ensure that they understand the system way before attempting an examination.   So that to become an Indian Administrative Service officer, you should complete the civil services examination that is provided by the union public service commission.   Annually, this exam is offered, and it is only a few chunks of people who make it to the final list.   The civil services examination at iasbyias.com is done mainly in three different stages so that one clears the examination.  

The first stage of the civil services examination is the prelims examination, then the mains examination which ends up with an interview done in March or April.   To complete the process of the civil services examination, which will take you close to two years and if you fail, there will be no option other than for you to start again.  Get more facts about civil service at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/apolitical/how-civil-servants-can-sa_b_11449528.html.

 Due to the low success rate, only a few people pass the examination and become Indian Administrative Service officers.  You, therefore, need to prepare well for this examination so that you avoid wasting time and increase your chances of succeeding against the intense competition.   As far as the civil services examination is concerned, you have an option of using coaching services by investing some amount of money or you could also self-prepare for the exam.   It is not enough for you to complete the syllabus as you need to constantly revise and keep yourself updated on the current affairs happening in the country.   If you want to become an officer with the Indian Administrative Service successfully, then it is important for you to remain committed and determined.   To discover more about the Indian Administrative Service, click here to find out more!

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