How to Excel Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Exam

05 Oct

A lot of people have been longing and aiming at joining the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) which is one of the most prestigious civil service in India.  For one to eventually qualify to join the Indian Administrative Service, they are subjected to an IAS exam which many people have failed to acquire the passing percentage.  This article lays foundation for you that will enable you understand ways and means to pass these IAS exam.

 First, you are expected to scrutinize yourself and determine whether you are fit for the IAS exam. For you to be successful in civil, service, you will need aptitude, dedication, self-discipline and determination.  Handwork is also inevitable and where it blends with the above traits, you are always assured of excelling in your career.

There is need to be keen and always pay attention to everything that you are taught in school.  School learning is overly helpful as the exam will always test all phases or areas of learning. Whether its math, English, history, civics, or even geography amongst others.  Its through enrolling through a school and being keen that you get to acquire the necessitated knowledge in a progressive manner.

 Ensure to have a trend and a program for reading the newspaper. It deems fit you get acquainted with the available current affairs as this is what IAS exam covers mostly. Therefore, through reading the newspapers daily, you will garner facts and ideas about the government policies available and get to generate your opinions on these policies. Read more about civil service at

The television and the internet are to be your close friend as well. There is need to watch news, political forums and programs that are scientific and historical-based. There are instances where you are unable to access the TV programs and you should consider using the internet.

Another fundamental consideration to make is becoming a good reader.  Get to read books in English and the local language.  These books can be fictional or non-fictional. Through reading these books, you will have a golden chance to increase knowledge and enhance your language skills.

You should consider engaging into healthy discussions with your friends, family members and even teachers. Basically, there are instances where reading the newspapers or even watching the television becomes tricky or you even fail to understand what is being discussed.  Therefore, you can have your parents, guardians, friends and your seniors discussing with you.  Make sure to see this page to know more!

 There is need to embrace the above tips where you eye acing the IAS exam.  Thus, understanding becomes inevitable where you need to qualify and become Indian Administrative Service pro.  The reason why you will always face competition is because many people are eyeing at joining Indian Administrative Service. Be sure to read more here!

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