What The IAS Is All About and What You Should Do To Join

05 Oct

Service to your county is a sign of true patriotism.  Some treat serving the country as being synonymous to enrolling into the military. But there exist many ways to serve and uplift your country. You could decide to take up an elective post or invest in a local business or become a philanthropist. Another way to serve your country is to become a civil servant.  Of the many options, you can enter the civil service by enrolling with the IAS. The Indian Administrative Service is the administrative branch of all Indian services and is considered the prime civil service section in India.  One can participate in various jobs in the public sector, once you become an officer of the IAS.  This article is officially your guide on getting to know the IAS better and learning how you can join them.

 Just to reiterate, the IAS is among the most distinguished services in India.  The prominent service requires those wishing to join it to pass the CSE which is issued by the Union Public Service Commission. Once selected as an officer, you can be deployed to serve as a commissioner at iasbyias.com, collector, head of a public sector or a cabinet secretary.  The experience you gain in these roles can help you better understand the problems Indians go through and provide solutions that can improve their standards of living.

Needless to say, to join the prestigious IAS as an officer, you have to nail the UPSC CSE.  The CSE comprises three main levels: preliminaries, mains, and the interview.  The CSE is no mean fit, and hence it offers a huge challenge.  The CSE lasts almost 12 months, it requires an in-depth understanding of the curriculum, and there is plenty of competition from all over the country.  A super attitude and a foolproof game plan can lead one to prosperous territories.  Expect multiple choice objectivity questions in the preliminaries, a lengthy written exam at the main examination level and a thorough personality test in the final interview stage. Look for more facts about civil service at https://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences-and-law/political-science-and-government/us-government/united-states-internal-revenue-service

Looking at the above, it is prudent to have in store, a long-term strategy and start preparations 12 months before time.  It is essential that you get in some quality study and therefore, even with some few months of study you can still excel. A dedicated individual who is focused on the primary goal and is passionate about studying can easily excel in these exams.  The exams will silently but surely evaluate your knowledge (obviously) and the analytical and presentation skills that you have.  Your objective from the onset should be to seek out the proper counsel and engage the right book.

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